• Procedures for addressing the conflict of Interest After exercising due diligence, the governing board or committee shall determine whether the organization can obtain with reasonable effort a more advantageous transaction or arrangement from a person or entity that would not produce a conflict of Interest. The Interested Person shall not be present in the room during the determination. 
    If an alternative transaction or arrangement is not possible, the governing board or committee shall determine by a majority vote of the disinterested directors whether the transaction or arrangement is in the best interests of the organization, for its own benefit, and fair and reasonable. Based on these determinations, the board or committee shall make Its decision on whether to enter into the transaction or arrangement.
  • Disciplinary action If the committee has reason to believe an individual has failed to disclose .actual or potential conflicts of interest, it will inform the member and allow him/her to plan the alleged failure to disclose. If the committee still has reason to believe a conflict of interest. exists after the alleged conflict Is explained, it will take corrective action.



  • Raise funds to support programs
  • Email addresses
  • Website
  • Obtain PO Box
  • Logo


  • First Impressions -Interview support classes at Community Centers in Sacramento
  • O.K. (Our Kids) Program- Re-start Sacramento County Chapter
  • Avery Autism Center- Education, Housing, Day programs in the Sacramento Area
  • Wesley House- Create affordable senior citizen housing. in the Sacramento Area


  • Attempt to get set up for fireworks
  • Attempt to get set up on United Way Vendor List
  • Reach out to Deputy Norcross regarding OK program



 AFLAC Insurance Agent – California License# OG35217

Began his social justice career in 1963 and 1964 during the grape strike organized by the United Farm Workers and Cesar Chavez. He marched and protested against grape growers in Delano California who were fighting the workers right for adequate housing working conditions and fair wages.

(With Letter and Pictures)
Petitioned The US Olympic Committee to reissue Leon Spinks stolen Gold Medal. The petition was granted in November 2008.


  • Bakersfield High School1965
  • Bakersfield College 1969
  • Cal State Bakersfield 1985
  • The Laborers Training School 1984
  • Career Com College  of Business 1990


  • Mentored by his dad Famed civil right lawyer Wester Sweet graduate of Hastings Law College class of 1954.
  • Worked as a union laborer in Bakersfield for Granite Construction.
  • Worked with Karen Northcutt/The Citizens of Kern County and The United Way to create their ten year plan to end homelessness in Kern County 1987.
  • Volunteer Catholic Services Sacramento California under sister Katherine 1991.
  • Legal Redress NAACP 1994

Drug abuse intervention counselor Charles McClatchy’s Oak Park facility in Sacramento 1994 assisting youthful offenders, working with parolee, to obtain jobs and diplomas. The 21st Century Forum has in past years trained many interns from including placing many I st time offender and re offenders in the drug court program under proposition 36 with the help of famed Attorney John Virga of Sacramento thus giving them a second chance.


  • The Golden State
  • Donor Services
  • The NAACP
  • The Lions Club
  • The United Nations

Certificate of Academic Achievement Career Com College 1990 3.5 Average.
The Golden Heart Award Co-Recipient State Senator John Burton 2002


2008 Christmas toy give away in conjunction with The Toy’s for Tot’s Program with the help and assistance of The United States Marine Corps.
2007 Provided Christmas toys and Christmas dinner for 150 Children and their families at The Oak Park Community Center in Sacramento.
2006 Assisted residents and school board members and The Salvation Army to distribute 500 winter coats to under served persons in Del Paso Heights Sacramento California.
2002 Hosted our first toy’s for tot’s Christmas eveil.t with support from Former World Lightweight Champion Tony The Tiger Lopez at The Cluny Center in Sacramento.

Regarding William Peoples

I would like to get the Korean War records for William Biddy Peoples for his son Shave.

Mr. People’s service number is 265-0902

He served two years and 16 days, his rank was Private E-1 5th Cavalry Regal.

His service commenced  on July 9th 1952 in Roanoke Virginia at age 16.

On the service numbers are – RA 13 -429 – 046

 The other individual is Suey K Les Ckye USN – USS Mississippi, E-AIG 128 Fleet Post office Branch Norfolk Virginia

Thank You

B Kim Thomas – founder

21 St. Century Forum Est 1998

Thank You

B. Kim Thomas

Take a knee

Hi Bobby –

I don’t know if President Trump is going to watch the NFL kickoff game tonight, but I know he’ll be paying attention to what players do during the national anthem. He’s turned #TakeAKnee protests into a full-fledged culture war, claiming it’s a “winning issue” for him on the campaign trail.

Last May, the NFL cowed to political pressure and announced a policy banning players from kneeling during the national anthem. The public backlash that ensued – including our petition, which already has over 30,000 signatures – forced the NFL to put the proposed policy on hold.

Our pressure is working, Bobby. Add your name to the petition demanding the NFL respect its players’ right to protest. If enough of us speak up this season, we can get the NFL to shut down this proposed policy once and for all.

Trump has twisted this peaceful, player-led protest of police killings into an issue of so-called patriotism. But respect and love of America requires scrutiny. That includes acknowledging this country’s failure to honor its promise of racial justice and equality – failures that are made even more evident each time the police murder another person of color and get away with it.

We can’t let the volume of Trump’s tweets drown out the voices of players – the majority of whom are people of color – protesting issues that affect them personally. Kneeling during the national anthem doesn’t disrespect our flag. Dishonoring free speech is what disrespects our flag.

Sign the petition telling the NFL not to ban #TakeAKnee protests. This isn’t about the flag and it’s not about the troops. It’s about racial justice and police brutality – issues that are matters of life and death for millions of Americans.

Even if you’re not watching the kickoff game tonight, you should make your voice heard in this important cultural moment. We all have a stake in #TakeAKnee.

Thanks for raising your voice,

Jeff Robinson
ACLU Deputy Legal Director, fighting for racial justice


The focus of The 21st Century Forum has been helping individuals and families in the Sacramento area. Our primary focus is to enhance education through computer literacy, math tutoring of underserved individuals; and to provide clothing, toys, and food to those depressed communities in the Sacramento area.

The following list is intended to provide a sample of our organization’s activities, but the list is not meant to be all inclusive of our activities:

  • Regular Partnership with NAACP over a period of 6 years
  • Annual clothing drives- winter jackets/shoes- Del Paso Heights
  • Annual Christmas Dinner- Oak Park Community Center
  • Toys for Tots- Del Paso Heights
  • Gang Violence counseling – Meadow View / S. Sacramento
  • Gang member- work hardening/mentor program to assist in return to work efforts – Sacramento
  • Partnership with Habitat for Humanity projects- Oak Park
  • Partnership with Sheriff Outreach Program- Rancho Cordova
  • Partnership with WEAVE- Sacramento chapter
  • Monthly Math and beginning computer literacy skills- At our business office

In addition, the focus of The 21st Century Forum will be expanding into providing housing to low-income families; low rental properties, and debt counseling services. These activities will build upon the foundational activities that we have been doing for the last 14 years.