The focus of The 21st Century Forum has been helping individuals and families in the Sacramento area. Our primary focus is to enhance education through computer literacy, math tutoring of underserved individuals; and to provide clothing, toys, and food to those depressed communities in the Sacramento area.

The following list is intended to provide a sample of our organization’s activities, but the list is not meant to be all inclusive of our activities:

  • Regular Partnership with NAACP over a period of 6 years
  • Annual clothing drives- winter jackets/shoes- Del Paso Heights
  • Annual Christmas Dinner- Oak Park Community Center
  • Toys for Tots- Del Paso Heights
  • Gang Violence counseling – Meadow View / S. Sacramento
  • Gang member- work hardening/mentor program to assist in return to work efforts – Sacramento
  • Partnership with Habitat for Humanity projects- Oak Park
  • Partnership with Sheriff Outreach Program- Rancho Cordova
  • Partnership with WEAVE- Sacramento chapter
  • Monthly Math and beginning computer literacy skills- At our business office

In addition, the focus of The 21st Century Forum will be expanding into providing housing to low-income families; low rental properties, and debt counseling services. These activities will build upon the foundational activities that we have been doing for the last 14 years.